Why You May Need Replacement Windows Following the winter

Following the extended winter season, a huge number of homeowners in Toronto area, are looking for replacement windows. This may be attributed to the extension of the blustery and cold weather into the month of March. As such, you should not wait for this harsh weather to arrive again before having your windows replaced. Following the winter season, your window may be showing any of the signs listed below; hence should be replaced.

  • Continued frost or condensation on the glass panes
  • Occasional cold air drifts from the windows
  • Increased heating bills or energy bills that are higher than they used to be before the winter
  • build-up up around sliding glass doors making it difficult for you to close or open the door.
  • Any of the family members having to use a thermostat because the interior has become colder.

If any of these has been happening in your home after the winter season, you need to get the appropriate replacement windows for your home. Such problems are indicators that the current windows are no longer energy efficient or are damaged and need repair. Regardless of the case, you should get replacement windows before the cold season kicks off again. In such a case, you need to get a certified windows replacement company in this region to handle this project.

Selecting the Best Installer for Your Replacement Windows

Although the cost of installation should not be a primary consideration while selecting the best installer, it is advisable to compare quotes from several companies before making your choice. You should also weigh the cost by any company against the satisfaction of its customers in the past.

Another consideration that comes into play when it comes to hiring a windows replacement installer is warranty/insurance. In this regard, you should ensure that the professional you hire to install the windows is certified. To be on the safe side, you should also hire installers who are employees of the windows manufacturing company. This is to say that you should avoid sub-contractors, whenever it is possible.  Many people will tell you different things, with regards to hiring the best installer for your replacement windows, but the following checklist summarizes all the essentials:

  • Reputation – the installer should provide testimonials and referees by clients they have served in the past.
  • Expertise – you should ensure that the installer is experienced. You may also need to check whether the installer specializes on a particular segment of the market, such as primary residential installations.
  • Warranties – check to ensure that the company offers guarantees in writing and that they cover the parts as well as the installation.
  • Contract – the contractor should come up with a written work order covering all the installation costs as well as the cost of the materials used.
  • Post-Installation Inspection – an on-site post-installation inspection should also be included as part of the contract.

Having been in the windows and doors replacement industry for a considerable period, Direct PRO Windows & Doors has the expertise required for the installation of replacement windows. Additionally, the company has a long list of referees and reviews by customers as well.