With winter quickly approaching, we are faced with the reality of higher energy bills due to increased heating needs during the colder months. Homeowners are now looking for new and innovative ways to save on heating.

They are looking for the most effective vinyl windows in Toronto has to offer. Insulation, in energy terms, is measured in the R value, which determines the amount of energy that is being deterred from fleeing the exterior of your home. This means that your home is better insulated if it has a higher R-value. For example, the windows of the average house over 20 years old are about R-3, while the walls would rank around R-14. This obviously indicates the windows are the source through which the heat escapes.

A rapidly rising number of homeowners are choosing vinyl windows as replacement options for their older windows. This is highly understandable in homes that are designed with wooden sashes, which we all know is completely ineffective for insulation during harsh Toronto winters. It is also a common factor for those who experience the “freeze-thaw” cycle with which we are all too familiar. Those of you with older wooden windows should definitely consider upgrading to vinyl windows. Wood windows are known to absorb moisture thus damaging the wood and leaving huge gaps between the windowsill and frames. You might also want to replace your windows simply because they are outdated or just not functioning or securing properly.Vinyl Windows Are The Best Option For Harsh Toronto WInters

You might be overdue for a complete home renovation and want to replace your windows for aesthetic appeal. If you have updated the exterior of your home, you will want to go with contemporary vinyl windows thus giving your home a more modern and bold appearance while enhancing overall curb appeal.

In the past, windows were designed on a much smaller scale. If you want to increase the overall visual presentation of your home, you may wish to upgrade to larger, more contemporary vinyl windows.

Reducing the Cost and Increasing the Efficiency of Home Energy

When it comes to reducing the cost and increasing the efficiency of home energy, windows are always a point of contention. Today’s leading window manufacturers have a vast selection of modern energy efficient windows that will greatly decrease your overall energy costs. There are many styles and options available. For instance, you might opt to get rid of those tired old single-paned windows and install double paned vinyl windows which will greatly lower energy bills and conserve heat during the cold winter months.

If you live in an urban area and are a victim of noise pollution, you have the option of installing contemporary vinyl windows that have the capability of reducing noise thus allowing you to sleep through the night.

Whatever your window replacement needs, you should consider the best vinyl windows Toronto has to offer! Pro Windows and Doors has a wide selection of vinyl windows to fit any budget. Our helpful staff is ready to assist you with all your home improvement needs!.