Tips About the Most Popular Vinyl Windows

Tips About the Most Popular Vinyl Windows

When you know it’s time for new vinyl windows, take some time to review your options before you buy. There are so many types and styles available, you might even want some help from a contractor to sort out all of your choices.

A professional contractor can help you with the benefits of each option for your vinyl windows. There are several popular types of windows to choose from. When you are in the market for windows, use this list to start your research about some of the top window styles in your area.

  1. Awning Windows

While this type of window is popular for its tight seal when it’s closed, it also has some unique features that make it a good choice. It opens just like the name implies. It is hinged at the top and lets you push the window out and up when you want some fresh air.

Plus, awning windows are easier to clean than traditional sliding windows. These vinyl windows can be opened in a way to clean both the inside and the outside of the window without leaving your home.

  1. Sliding Tilt Windows

This popular style of windows gives you greater control of the airflow coming into your home. They open and close horizontally and allow you to direct the breeze to a specific area of the room. And they are easy to clean because they tilt in a way that you can reach both sides from inside your home.

  1. Bow and Bay Windows

These windows add interest to your home but don’t take up any more wall space than a regular window. Many people have said ‘Oh I just love bay windows.’  Both a bow window and a bay window extend out from the wall and give you a broader view of the outside.

  1. Single and Double Hung Tilt Windows

This type of window tilts rather than slides to open and close. Single hung windows have one sash that tilts inward and one that is fixed. As you can guess, the double hung design allows both sashes to tilt inward. Like other tilt windows, you have more control over the air flow and easier cleaning options than with a sliding window.

  1. Casement Windows

These vinyl windows work well in many different styles of homes and are available in a variety of sizes.  A casement window is versatile enough to use in a basement or as side lights for your front door. Opening the window is as easy as unlocking the latch and opening the sash.

  1. Picture Windows

Typically used in dining rooms and formal living rooms, you could use a picture window in any room in your home. These popular windows are one large plate of glass that has been reinforced for security. These are fixed windows that give you an excellent view of the outdoors.

There are many popular vinyl windows to choose from when shopping for new windows. This list gives you a place to start and the benefits of each type of window. Once you have found the right windows for your home, you can work with the window company and contractors to get started on your project.

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