Six Reasons to Install Vinyl Discount Windows and Doors in Your Canadian Home

We all know that Canadian winters tend to be harsh and bitter, and this can take a toll on your energy bills. However, if you want to reduce your energy costs, as well as improve the overall appearance of your home, you can install high-quality discount windows and doors.

Top reasons to opt for new discount windows and doors:

Personal Style & Preference

The majority of older Canadian homes have aluminum windows or older vinyl windows that do not go with modern and updated home renovations. Aluminum tends to rust and corrode. New vinyl discount windows and doors are clean and bold and can really spruce up both the interior and exteriors of your home.


Older doors obviously age and fall into disrepair especially those windows with wooden sashes. The weather in Canada can wreck havoc on older windows, causing the wood to shrink which results in air and water leakage. Water leakage can lead to mold and damage the siding. The cranks and other mechanisms on older windows tend to weaken as they age. Older aluminum or wooden windows and doors are prone to corrosion, rust and buildup of dirt and debris, which can thus affect the overall performance. Newer vinyl discount windows and doors can prevent these issues.

View and Acoustics

Older homes were built with smaller windows to help reduce energy costs. Modern windows can be custom designed to fit any size and can help filter more natural light into the home. Also, a lot of homes were built without resistance to noise pollution. This is especially an issue for those who reside in an urban environment. Newer windows are designed to help eliminate noise pollution. They can be equipped with single, double or triple panes to help cut down on noise disturbances.

Energy Efficiency

Today’s discount windows and doors are designed with better insulation properties than older windows and doors. Windows come equipped with inert gasses between the panes. Triple-paned windows prevent heat from escaping in the winter and from entering in the summer. Windows that have an interior pane designed of plastic help slow down heat conduction.

Superior Insulation

Generally, insulation in Canada is measured by R-values. This number correlates directly with the amount of heat that is prevented from entering a surface of the home. Higher R-values have higher insulation properties. Back in the 1980’s, the R-Value was R-2 for double-paned windows and R-15 for walls. However, these numbers have drastically increased due to rising fuel costs. Newer discount doors and windows are designed with higher R-values to provide outstanding insulation.

Professional Installation

Obviously, in order to get the best value for your discount windows and doors, you should have them professionally installed. This way everything will be covered under the warranty.

When it comes time to install new vinyl discount windows and doors, call Direct Pro Windows and Doors. Our staff can answer any questions you may have to help you find the most energy efficient and stylish windows and doors for your home.