Select A Suitable Front Door Color and Make Your Home Attractive

After a certain time period and with increased exposure to sun, front doors start to fade and ultimately, affect the overall appearance of the home. At this stage, it becomes necessary for the homeowners to re-paint the doors so that they can get a good value for their property. While painting the doors, color selection is a crucial step as it explains the fashion sense of a homeowner and requires people to choose a suitable color shade that does not only complement exterior but also goes well with interior.

Every front door style and color has a different meaning and says something about the homeowners. Direct Pro Windows and Doors have listed some of the widely used colors that say different things about the homeowners. Let’s have a look at them.

What is the most popular front door color?


Around 20 percent homeowners go for painting these front doors with red color that represents hospitality and warmth, depending upon the shades chosen. Feng Shui explains that red front doors are the sign of positive energy and maintain an energetic, outgoing and refreshing environment in the home.


Yellow does not only represent logic but psychologically, it is the color of happiness and is responsible for spreading beautiful moments wherever it represents. Yellow promotes general cheerfulness, mental clarity, and wisdom that results in grabbing the attention of others. With yellow front doors, homeowners can give a feeling of having a logical and lively life with positive attitude.


Green is not only related to the traditional and tranquil environment but, it is the symbol of harmony, wealth, prosperity, and health. Living in a home with a green front door means that homeowner believes in achieving goals with hard work, self-improvement and has a sense of community. Green also shows growth, healing, freshness and a new beginning of life.


Over 50 percent homeowners believe that painting the exterior door with purple color gives an inviting feel and sense of creativity, prosperity, and an opportunity to the guests. The color is also the sign of showing wealth, privilege, royalty and grace. Even, some people think that purple front door is the symbol of homeowners who prefer to live as free spirits.


Usually known for its power, authority, and prestige, black front doors give a mysterious look to the homes. It influences the guests to think that homeowners are refined, perfectionists and want everything to be sophisticated, no matter what.

Glass Front Doors

With the passage of time, homeowners have shifted to installing glass front doors instead of selecting steel or wooden versions. The reason behind is that glass doors are comparatively durable and can last for a longer time period. Direct Pro Windows and Doors have explained that these doors also say something about the homeowners- people are outgoing, virtually open, friendly and do not have any fear to hide something.