Reasons to Install New Version of Bay Windows

During the 1970s and 1980s, homeowners used to install bay windows in order to give a sophisticated and elegant look to your homes. The primary reason behind selecting a bay window is their ability to complement home’s architectural design that plays a significant role in adding curb appeal to the home. Now the question arises, how can a homeowner determine that it’s time to replace windows or what could be the reasons that lead a homeowner to install new bay windows? Let’s have a look at some of them:

Water Leakage and Seal Failure

According to Direct Pro Windows and Doors, older homes have damaged seals that cause water and air to enter the home and affect furniture and furnishings. The worst part is that water settles on the seat area and framework that causes wood rotting and homeowners would have no other option but to replace the bay window. The damaged windows are also responsible for mist or fog between the glass panes as the result of which, the windows would end up with having mold on their frames.

Inefficient Hardware

Another crucial sign that leads to the replacement of the bay window is inefficient hardware like latches or crank units. When these components are frozen shut, meaning that they become difficult to open or close, then it’s high time to think of replacing them. Although they can be repaired or ailing parts can be replaced, Direct Pro Windows and Doors suggests homeowners replace them at once because this way, they will be able to save a significant amount of money as well as time.

Blistered and/or Peeled Glazing

When the bay window starts to peel or blister, it’s high time for the homeowners to call a window replacement company so that they can start working on the project right away and can save the belongings as well as valuables from possible damages. If someone thinks that the problem can be repaired, then it’s a wrong approach because this problem has only one solution i.e. replacement.

Deteriorated Seat Area

After spending a certain time period, the seat area of bay windows starts to droop. In such cases, replacing seat area would not be a good option as the problem would have already affected the hardware and framework and it is, therefore, necessary to install new pieces so that they can last for a longer time period.

Improving Curb Appeal

When the bay windows are newly installed, they seem to be appealing and attractive but, with the passage of time, they start to fade, rot or warp, thus losing their beauty that ultimately affects the appearance of the home. In this situation, the only approach should be to install new bay windows.