Have you been considering a new window installation for some time, but are still not sure that it’s the right thing to do? It’s understandable that you might be having some doubts since it’s one of the most costly home renovation projects that you can have done. Would it help if we told you that a new window installation is also the home improvement project that represents the best value for money? And another important point that needs to be mentioned is that you don’t have to replace every single window in your home at the same time. If you don’t have a large enough budget for that, just start with the windows that are in the worst condition, and have a couple replaced at a time.

Direct Pro Windows & Doors has worked with thousands of clients in the Toronto area over the last few years and we frequently get asked about the benefits of having a new window installation done. You can see what we told each and every one of those clients below.

The Benefits of a New Window InstallationToronto bow windows

  • Reduce Your Energy Bills – This should heavily influence your decision and probably persuade you to go ahead with a replacement window installation, as the money you’ll save through lower annual energy bills will offset the initial cost of the windows. How exactly does a new window installation result in lower energy bills? Well, if your current windows are relatively old and worn (which they should be if you are considering replacements), they can lose energy in two different ways. Firstly, air may be allowed to flow through the windows. This is common with old wooden windows. Secondly, depending on the material that was used to construct your window frames, energy may be lost through conduction. This is where heat is transmitted directly through the material and is often triggered by a difference in temperatures. A new window installation will help to prevent both of these processes, so your home is able to retain hot air in the winter and cool air in the summer.
  • More Light – Artificial light is no match for the natural light, and a modern window installation generally provides you with more of the latter. The frames on older style windows are generally bigger, but with modern windows, you tend to get less frame and more glass.
  • Improves Appearance – When windows age, they can start to look a little untidy, which can detract from your home’s overall appearance, especially given the fact that window is an architectural element that really attracts your attention. A new window installation ensures they attract your attention for the right reasons.
  • Reduce Noise Levels – Can you hear almost everything that is going on outside from the comfort of your living room? If you have got single-pane windows fitted at your property that is entirely possible. When having replacement windows fitted, at the very least you will probably have a doubled glazed model fitted, and it is now possible to have triple glazed windows fitted too. These extra layers not only help to stop energy loss, but they also act as a barrier for outside noise, so you can relax in peace in your home.
  • Protection From UV Rays – The windows you have in your home now will prevent any UVB rays (considered the main type of sunburn ray) from passing through into your home, but what about UVA rays (the type used in tanning salons and a known cause of skin cancer)? Older windows let all UVA rays through. Pretty dangerous, wouldn’t you say? Not only can these rays have a damaging effect on your health if you are exposed to them regularly enough, but they can also damage the interior of your home and your furnishings. With your new window installation, you can choose to have a film incorporated into the design that blocks out UVA rays in addition to UVB rays.

How to Tell When a New Window Installation is Required

Sometimes it’s hard to tell whether you require a new set of windows, or whether some simple maintenance would sort out the problem. Here are some of the main signs to look out for:

  • Window Trim is Damaged – You should periodically inspect your windows, and if you notice that your window trim has cracked or rotted ( a major problem with wooden windows), then it’s time to call a few windows and doors companies for quotes.
  • You Can Feel a Draft – This is fine if the window is wide open, but isn’t a good sign if the window is closed. Windows shouldn’t allow air to pass through when closed. Sometimes this can be resolved cheaply by buying some caulk from a local hardware store, but if the problem is widespread, replacement windows may be necessary.
  • Hot or Cold to the Touch – If this is the case, your window is no longer properly insulating your home, which means you are paying more on heating and cooling that you should be.
  • Become Difficult to Use – Sometimes a property will “settle” as it ages and your windows won’t fit as well as they did when they were installed. This can make them hard to open and close and also prevent them from performing as efficiently as they should.

If you are based in Toronto want to learn more about the benefits of a new window installation, or are interested in receiving a free quote, give Direct Pro Windows & Doors located in Toronto a call today.