Maximizing Security With High Quality Entry Doors Toronto

Living in a home is not the only consideration that influences homeowners to select a certain type instead, there are numerous crucial factors that always need attention in order to make the right decision. Most of the people are concerned about security and usually demand something that offers incredible protection facility not only for inhabitants but also for the belongings. Entryway tends to be an easy target for intruders and therefore, a highly efficient entry door with advanced locking mechanism should be the ultimate choice.

Here, Direct Pro Windows and Doors have something to explain- the procedure is broken down into several stages that need selection of different items/parts installed in entry doors Toronto. Normally, an entry door is divided into the following categories/items: locks, materials, installation and window placement. Now the question is, how do all parts contribute to the safety of the property? What if any part is compromised? Let’s find out their answers:


When it comes to maximizing safety and security, homeowners should have to go for a stronger and sturdy material like metal, fiberglass or solid wood that can resist intrusion. Hollow doors, made up of cardboard and a thin veneer sheet, are prone to damages and need replacement after a short time period. Also, selecting a metal door needs people to make sure that they have a lock block and can be easily come out of the frame with a car jack.


The approach of installation also plays a significant role in ensuring security. If the components open inwards, people might have to deal with a lot of problems compared to those who have outward swinging entry doors Toronto. The reason behind is quite simple: when doors open outwards, they offer maximum resistance against applied force and therefore, become difficult to break. Also, hinges should be placed inside in order to avoid removal or tampering. Or else, exposed hinges need to be fixed firmly with non-removable pins.

Deadbolts and Locks

After making sure that the entry door is strong and secure, the next step is to pay attention on locking system. What exactly are people supposed to do? Which parts need consideration?

  • Deadbolts

Homeowners usually rely upon doorknobs instead of deadbolts due to which, they have to deal with a lot of security issues. Direct Pro Windows and Doors recommends to always install deadbolts because they are not only designed with respect to entry doors Toronto but can also work efficiently for garages and other significant areas.

  • Cylinder Guards

Sometimes, lock cylinders are tampered or damaged by wrenching, prying or hammering that allow burglars to easily enter the home. In order to avoid this problem, homeowners should purchase locks with free-spinning rings around the cylinder.

  • Strike Plates

They are metal pieces surrounding the door frame hole where the lock bolt slides once closed. The plate should be secured with 4 3” screws so that they can work well for various tasks.

Window Placement

If an entry door has windows adjacent to it, it’s necessary to make sure that they are not easy to break because most of the time, intruders take help from windows to unlock doors.