How to Make Sure You Are Getting Proper and Professional Window Replacement Toronto

When it comes time for window replacement Toronto, most people tend to consider the minor features and benefits of the windows and do not focus on the installation process itself. Proper installation is critical for replacement windows as it is essential to ensure both energy efficiency and the quality of the product. Improper installation and poor craftsmanship can cause unnecessary stress and anxiety, as well as incur additional expenses.

What is the worst that can happen?

Suppose the company you chose did not provide proper insulation and as a result, you are stuck with a bitter draft during the harsh winter months. Or if you spent a lot for high-quality windows, but they don’t function properly or look aesthetically appealing thanks to unprofessional installation.  You could incur property damages during the installation process. Even worse, one of the contractor’s gets injured on the job and tries to sue you. Or you could have a lien on your property as a result of a dispute with the window company.

These are just some of the issues that could arise during your window replacement Toronto. No one should have to deal with these types of issues. Below are some tips to prevent you from having any problems during, or after, your installation:

Valid Insurance

You should never hire a company that works with subcontractors. Before the installation beings, ask for proof of workers’ compensation (WSIB). You should always make sure to have at least $2 million in insurance liability coverage to ensure protection from your home in the event that a worker is injured during the job. If a company does use an outside contractor, they can place a lien against you if the subcontractor does not pay them in time, regardless if you have paid your share.


You should always make sure to hire contractors who are trained and certified in home renovations and installations as opposed to new construction. Check to see that they extremely skilled at carpentry and have excellent construction methods There is a huge difference between new construction and home improvements. The contractor must not only be able to properly install the window replacement Toronto, but they must also be sure not to damage the property. They must also be able to provide proper insulation, sealing and install the proper trim. Finally, they must maintain a clean work area and promptly remove any debris. New construction contractors are not required to perform the aforementioned duties.

Method of payment

You should find out if the company is getting paid by the piecework or hourly. Contractors who are paid by piecework (square footage, per window, etc) tend to be more careless when it comes to safety, details and professionalism, because the quicker they work, the more money they make. It is recommended that you go with companies who pay their contractors by the hour.

Ask yourself the following questions after the installation of your window replacement Toronto:

  1. Were the installers polite, professional and prompt? Were they dressed neatly and appropriately for the job?
  2. Did they treat your property with respect? (use drop sheets, respect your personal belongings, etc)
  3. Did they clean up after themselves?
  4. Did they stay in communication with you during the project? Were they attentive to any questions or concerns that arose?

Again, if the company you hired uses outside contractors, it might be more difficult get a direct answer. Subcontractors normally work for more than one company at a time.

To ensure that you have proper installation or your window replacement Toronto, contact Direct Pro Windows and Doors. Our staff is professional and we stand behind our work, from start to finish. We look forward to working with you during your home renovation project!