Go for Custom Windows to Ensure Efficiency and Perfection

Go for Custom Windows to Ensure Efficiency and Perfection

Window replacement is actually something more than just selecting the frame and glass. New windows usually ask for changes in the existing openings because every type has its own dimensions and homeowners have to make amendments in order to accommodate new components. Strict building regulations and energy efficiency upgrades dictate the appropriate types along with giving an estimate of additional expenses for carpentry. Direct Pro suggests to analyze different options, compare shortlisted ones and make the final selection.

Some homeowners want to go for custom windows so that they can add whatever features they would like. The only thing to keep in mind is the purpose and utility of windows because one type could not meet all standards nor does it work in all conditions. It is necessary to start with a thought that whether it’s appropriate to go for custom windows or not. If openings have irregular size, determine how much work they need to accommodate the components.

As a matter of fact, non-standard size is not the only factor behind installation of custom windows. Rather, homeowners have the opportunity to maximize home’s efficiency with energy efficiency models. Removing treasured signature windows like oriel, bay or bow would also ask for some uniqueness and visible difference between the old and new windows. The best part about custom ordering is the facility to specify measurements and features that are needed.

While searching for custom windows, be sure to find performance and energy efficient options that could work with the prevailing conditions. They are usually made with the same materials as that of standard windows- composite, wood, aluminum or fiberglass- having the same features like impact resistance, light transmittance values, low-E coatings and gases filled between the panels. Last but not the least, consider the warranty that promises long term use and services.

New Windows or Replacement Windows

After deciding to go custom, other considerations need attention as well. If the frame is in good condition, there would be no need to replace the entire windows, meaning that homeowners can keep internal and external trims while removing the window panels. Another reasonable option is to order custom sashes- the removable support and glazing- if it could work with the old frames. People can also ask for custom replacement windows, which is a new piece having thin frame inserted into the old frame. This option is affordable as well whereas, replacing the whole unit with new windows, trims, frame and sashes would become quite expensive.


Yes, it’s a common fact that customization would cost a bit high and need more time than standard ones. Since the components are constructed on order, workers would have to understand the expectations and come up with the right materials and techniques.

Measurement and Installation

Measurement is among those expert skills that people usually cannot handle on their own. Since they lack the knowledge and understanding of the basics, it’s advisable to call someone professional like Direct Pro. While constructing custom windows, keep in mind that they are measured and installed professionally.

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