How Fiberglass Entrance Doors Differ From The Steel Ones

Whether you are building a new house or replacing the existing entry doors and a window, choosing the right entrance doors for your house is important. Door material is the significant importance when it comes to choosing your entry doors. As far as door materials are concerned, although there are four major players – wood, steel, aluminum, and fiberglass – in the market, but homeowners and even commercial property owners often prefer using the fiberglass material or the steel doors over their wooden and aluminum counterparts. Now each material comes with its own set of benefits and pitfalls, and this article aims to take you through the same.

Read on to find out how fiberglass and steel entrance doors are different from each other in terms of aesthetics, endurance, maintenance and most importantly cost.

How Fiberglass and Steel Entrance Doors are Different From Each Other

Aesthetics: The appearance of fiberglass entrance doors are more or less like those natural wooden doors, but they come in a multitude of colors and wood grain textures like oak, cherry, mahogany and fir as well as a variety of stain and paint colors. In addition, these doors offer customized options for door glass, which goes that extra mile to improve the overall aesthetic appearance of just not the doors but also your house. On the other hand, steel doors have a smooth texture with multiple stains and paint finishes. Some of these doors also offer the option for glass doors.

Durability: Unlike wooden doors, fiberglass or steel entrance doors can stand all harsh climatic condition. These doors do not shrink, warp, split or even crack. As because of fiberglass and steel doors last long, so they often come with lifelong warranties. In terms of durability, both these doors go hand in hand.

Maintenance: Both fiberglass and steel doors are known and preferred for their low maintenance needs. Fiberglass entrance doors are dent and scratch resistant and can be cleaned off with mild soap and water. Contrarily, although steel doors require low maintenance, but these doors are susceptible to get scratched through galvanization, which if not properly primed and painted may lead to rust.

Energy Efficient: Fiberglass entrance doors are by far the best doors that are thermally efficient. It is the best insulating material that comes with a low u-value when used for doors and windows. These high-performance doors are 3 times more energy efficient than steel doors, and at the same time provide an aesthetic look for the face of your home. Steel doors, on the other hand, tend to quickly heat up or cool down depending on the weather. These doors usually come in 24 or 22 gauge. 24 gauge doors are thinner than 22 gauge, but if proper insulation is implemented then even a 24 gauge steel entry door can be more energy efficient that high-quality steel doors.

Cost: Fiberglass entrance doors are usually expensive. But since these doors require no maintenance and are dent-free or scratch resistant, so these doors are usually the first preference of people. Steel doors, on the other hand, are inexpensive and good for people working on a tight budget.