Energy efficient windows are an excellent choice for replacement windows. They are ideal for Canadian home-owners not only as replacement windows and also for long term. They provide outstanding insulation and protection from the elements. In addition, they can significantly reduce your monthly energy bills.

When considering the cost of energy efficient windows there are many factors to take into consideration such as the type of glass, style of window and so forth. If you opt for vinyl replacement windows, you can cost your energy costs by a great deal.

It is wise to take some time to do some research to ensure that you are purchasing the most efficient energy windows for your home. Consider factors like quality of glass, type of window frame, energy efficiency rating and so forth. If you spend a few minutes researching quality windows manufactures, you will save yourself a lot of time and hassle in the future. Make sure that you are purchasing the right type of windows for your Toronto home.

Features of Energy Efficient Windows By Type

  1. Triple Glazed Vinyl Windows

One of the most outstanding features of energy efficient windows is triple glazed vinyl. Designed with inert gasses, these windows help to retain heat in the home during the winter while keeping it from entering the home in the hot summer months.  By inserting inert gasses between the window panes, it will increase energy efficiency and also prevent condensation. The types of gas commonly used in triple glazed vinyl windows are krypton, xenon, and argon.

  1. Windows With Low E-Glass

Designed with a transparent coating, low e glass windows are an excellent way to reduce the amount of heat from entering your home. At the same time, they still allow for maximum sunlight to brighten up any home. Low E Glass windows help lowers the U-value of the glass. In other words, the lower the U-value, the more heat-resistant the window is. This type of glass provides an outstanding form of year-round insulation.

  1. Fixed Windows

Fixed windows are non-operational in that they do not open or close.  Designed to be 100% airtight, they are most certainly energy efficient. Fixed windows are available as single, double or triple panes. Another plus of fixed windows is that they are cheaper than their counterparts. The only drawback of these windows is that they are not recommended for areas that require ventilation such as bathrooms or kitchens.

  1. Casement Windows

Hinged on either side, casement windows allow for less air leakage than other types of windows. This is due to the fact that their frames and sashes are properly lined up and sealed. Casement windows come in wide variety of colors and sizes. Most often installed above counters or sinks, they provide extra ventilation in these areas when needed.

  1. Awning Windows

Hinged on the top to open outward, awning windows provide the maximum amount of air flow. In addition, they can be installed in higher areas such as above doors or cabinets to provide additional privacy. Similar to casement windows, the sash and frame are tightly aligned to reduce air leakage.

  1. Single & Double Hung Windows

Designed with two sashes, both sides of double hung windows open and close vertically. However, single pane windows only open on the lower sash. While they are still energy efficient, they do tend to have a higher air leakage rate than their hinged counterparts

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