During the design or remodel of your home, there was likely a good amount of time spent on making certain decisions such as, which backsplash looks best in the kitchen. The same amount of attention and consideration should be given to the type of entry door chosen. The ideas will be endless and the decision won’t be an easy one. Your home is a gorgeous space and choosing the right entry door is an enhancement that will help to magnify the beauty it already has. Beauty is essential but functionality and convenience are equally important in the door to your entry way.

Steel and fiberglass doors have their advantages but there are options to be weighed in both. We have pointed out a few things to consider when making the final decision on which entry door is best for you.

Consider the exterior and interior design finish of the home

 When selecting an entry door, allow the architecture and design of the home determine the style. Make certain that the color of the exterior stone is complimented by the color of the door that is chosen. Fiberglass doors are available in a wide variety of colors and unlike steel doors, they also offer a wood-look finish. This truly accents or highlights the wood trims that are in place on the interior surfaces of some homes. Utilize the internet to find homes that have the appearance of what you are dreaming of and allow that to be your guide.

Which direction does the entryway face?

 The direction of the morning, afternoon or anytime sunlight into a home is determined by the home’s elevation. Therefore, entry doors will be affected by their elevations. Doors, without awnings that face west and south, will invite the most sunlight and both fiberglass and steel doors are efficient with energy. They both offer their advantages but steel doors can cost less than fiberglass doors but will require more maintenance as well.

Will your entry door endure heavy usage?

 Ask yourself if large objects will be moving through the door often and will there be a lot of activity in and out of the door. Are there pets that will be utilizing the entry door frequently and exactly how much clearance exists between the hooks and the interior when the door is opened? Fiberglass doors are more resistant to rot, rust and deterioration, while steel doors chip and dent easily. Base your decision on the amount of usage the door is expected to endure.

No entry door will exist for a lifetime but choosing the correct one to accommodate your lifestyle can save you money and hassle in the long run. Direct PRO Windows & Doors understands the uniqueness of each home and can assist you in selecting the entry door that meets your needs.