French doors have become a desirable option for homeowners and businesses across Canada, not only for internal spaces, but for exterior entryways too. Elegant, classy, chic are all words that have been used to describe French doors at one time or another, which is not so surprising when you consider these words are associated with most things that come from France. Direct Pro Windows & Doors has custom built and installed thousands of exterior doors in Toronto in recent years, each one made to the exact specifications our clients provide us with. Are you looking to replace one or more of your exterior doors but haven’t yet settled on a style? Why not consider French doors.

What are French Doors?

Toronto French doors
If you’ve heard of French doors, but are not exactly sure what they are, here’s a basic description:

  • French doors originate from 17th century France, before electricity was available, and were designed with the intention of allowing as much natural light to filter into a room as possible.
  • This was achieved by integrating glass panels that run the full length of the door into the design. Traditionally, this glass was framed by wood but today there are numerous different materials used in the design of French doors, including PVC, fiberglass and aluminum.
  • Classic style French doors are double swing type doors with the hinges placed on the outer edge of each door. They will typically swing inwards, but they can also be designed to swing outwards.

Benefits that French Doors Offer

Now that you know what they are, why should you choose French doors over other styles?

  • Enhance the Appearance of Your Home – When installed as exterior doors, they are typically used at the rear of a property, opening onto a patio area or a garden. They are known for their visual attractiveness and come in a wide range of different colours, materials and design options, meaning that you are almost sure to find French doors that fit in well with other architectural elements of your home.
  • Brighten Up Your Home – As already mentioned, a large proportion of the design of French doors is made out of glass, which lets natural light flood into your home. This really helps to open up space and makes your living room or master bedroom, or wherever you have them installed, look and feel bigger than it used to.
  • Energy Efficient & Secure – Doors have to prevent two main things from happening at your Toronto home — energy loss and break-ins. French doors do both very well. Swing type doors typically seal off the entrance more efficiently than sliding doors, thus preventing air infiltration, and they can’t be pried or kicked open like sliding doors can. There is also a whole range of high performance glass that can be selected to prevent the sun’s UV rays from damaging your home’s interior.

Direct Pro Windows & Doors believe in providing high quality from start to finish, which is why we handle every stage of the process personally. From an initial consultation to determine your requirements right through to installing French doors that we manufactured in our own facility at your home.

For more information, talk to a member of Direct Pro in Toronto today.