Advantages of Fiberglass Doors Toronto over Steel and Wood Doors

If you are looking for the finest fiberglass doors Toronto has to offer, look no further. Our high-quality fiberglass doors look and feel like natural wood. But unlike real wood, they will not rot or warp. Also, unlike a steel door, they will not rust or dent.

Fiberglass doors in Toronto require little to no maintenance. Nor do they save you time, they are also energy efficient and with their durable quality, they can greatly increase your curb appeal and the overall value of your home should you decide to sell in the future.

The following comparison will show you why fiberglass doors are the right choice for you Toronto area home.

Fiberglass Doors


  • Little to no maintenance required: Fiberglass doors Toronto will not rot, warp, rust or dent like steel or wooden doors
  • Available in the beautiful smooth finish or wood-grain design: our doors can be painted, stained or custom-designed to match the style of your home or meet your specific needs.
  • Warm and Inviting Feel: our doors will give your home a warm and inviting look and feel both inside and out
  • Extremely energy efficient: all of the doors come with up to 4x the standard R-value insulation of wooden doors.


  • All the advantages of steel and wooden doors, but without the limitations!

Wood Doors


  • Warm and inviting feel and touch
  • Scratches may be easily touched up
  • Can be painted or stained to offer a grainy, high-end, finished wooden look


  • Tend to be very expensive
  • Require routine maintenance as the finish will fade and needs to be refinished every year or two to maintain their appearance
  • Wooden doors tend to absorb moisture which can cause the finish to bubble and/or peel and thus the door will rot or warp.
  • Wooden doors are not energy efficient compared to steel or fiberglass doors

Steel Doors


  • Less expensive than wooden doors
  • Require less maintenance, depending on the home environment and weather conditions so they will not warp or rot like wooden doors
  • Good insulation properties so they are also very energy efficient.


  • Steel doors cannot be stained, only painted and the paint on steel doors tends to chip and peel easily
  • Steel doors tend to conduct heat and cold so therefore they often feel too cold or hot to touch
  • They can rust easily as they are prone to scratches and dents.

At, our Fiberglass doors Toronto will not only make your home look and feel warm and cozy, they will greatly reduce your energy bills as they provide superior protection and insulation from the elements.

Contact us today. Our staff is always ready to answer any questions and help you select the best Fiberglass doors Toronto has available.