When Do You Need to Buy New Exterior Doors?

It sounds like a relatively straightforward question to answer, but in the majority of cases, homeowners are not totally sure when exterior doors need replacing. We usually replace things when they are broken, right? With exterior doors, however, it’s sometimes necessary to replace them even if they still open and close as they should.

Direct Pro has been providing residents and businesses across Toronto with high-quality custom built exterior doors for years and years, and know how important it is for exterior doors to be in good condition. If they aren’t, they can potentially reduce the energy efficiency of your home, causing your energy bills to rise, and put the security of your home at risk. Keep reading to discover some of the top signs that your exterior doors may need replacing.

Signs That May Indicate Your Exterior Doors Need to Be Replaced

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Sometimes it will be obvious when exterior doors need replacing, such as when the door is no longer able to serve one of its primary functions, but on other occasions, it might not be so easy to tell. Here are the top signs to watch out for.

Door Doesn’t Close Flush

If you really have to force your door to close and it appears to come away from the frame even when closed, it’s time to start shopping around for a replacement. Exterior doors, just like everything else, will eventually succumb to everyday wear and tear, which can cause the door to deform, hence why it becomes harder to close. This can also be caused by the constant exposure to a range of weather conditions.

You Get Cold Feet

Exterior doors are responsible for keeping the elements at bay and ensuring your home conserves as much energy as possible. When they start to age, they become less effective at this and allow air to flow into your property. This is easy to test. Just stand behind the door without any footwear for a few seconds. If the floor is either colder or warmer than it should be, something needs to be done. The solution could be as simple as replacing the seals on the door, but if the door no longer fits tightly into the frame, a replacement will probably be necessary.

The Door’s Exterior Looks Tired

Exterior doors serve an aesthetic purpose as well as a number of functional purposes. Over time, daily use and the constant battle with the wind, rain, sun, and snow will take its toll and start to make your exterior doors look a little “beat up.” This is something that you need to monitor. Step out of your property for a second and look at the door from the outside. Is it enhancing your property’s image, or is it making it less appealing? Initially, a fresh coat of paint may be enough to restore it to like-new condition, but eventually, even that won’t help and you will need a new door.

You Can Move The Door When Locked

When exterior doors are closed and locked, they should be virtually unmovable. That’s because they are supposed to form an airtight barrier over the entrance to your home. If you are able to move the door significantly while it’s in this position, this indicates that there’s either something wrong with the locking mechanism or that the door no longer fit’s properly, which are issues that can leave your home vulnerable to a break-in and reduce its energy efficiency.

Your Door Needs Repairing Every Other Week

Exterior doors don’t last forever. If you seem to be having yours repaired every other week, you might want to think about having it replaced, as a brand new door would probably be cheaper in the long run. Not only that, but it spares you the inconvenience of having to call out a locksmith or a door specialist on a regular basis.

You Can See Cracks

The majority of exterior doors face some serious abuse in their lifetime. From heated exchanges that lead to the door being slammed shut, to the wind blowing through your home and slamming it shut accidentally. As they are used so frequently, it’s not surprising that they do eventually show signs of damage. One of the main signs to look out for is cracks appearing around the edges of the door or close to the hinges, which indicate a replacement is necessary.

Replacing exterior doors in your Toronto home could one of the best investments you make this year! Not only will a new door instantly improve the exterior appearance of your home for relatively little cost, but it could also help you to reduce your heating and cooling bills significantly. If you aren’t sure whether one of your exterior doors needs replacing and would like a professional to take a look for you,¬†give Toronto’s Direct Pro Windows & Doors a call today.

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